Monday, March 03, 2008

Concern for others...

Last week, as usual when I was stuck at the Kathipari traffic jam(Chennai, near Guindy), I happened to notice a most dangerous scenario.
A worker working on the bridge, was welding out the excess iron rods, the fire sparks were spraying out all over the traffic and to add to this, the rods after being cut off were just carelessly let loose, meaning it was just falling to the ground. The people waiting in traffic were in such danger, in case it hit a person on bike, what would be the repercussions. There is no sense of safety, more than that no concern for others I would say, the worker just wants to get his job done, and concerned about the people's safety.

Coming back to blog...

It has been a long time since I blogged. So many things prevented me from blogging, work pressure, personal commitments etc. Moreover the interest to blog faded away slowly, today suddenly I felt like to start blogging again. Not sure how long it will last but atleast for now Iam going to start blogging.
Let's see how it goes..