Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Manmadhan Simbu - A good Actor in the making.

One of my friends gave me the Manmadhan DVD, I was a bit skeptical and had some attitude saying "Ayyo Simbu va, ok" Seri free aa varudu, let me watch it innu. But after watching the movie, I totally changed my opionion of Simbu. He has very good potential and he is a great actor to look forward to if he does movies with substance like "Manmadhan". This is the first Simbu movie i have ever seen and its changed my attitude towards him. Even as a child star i didnot like him much since he would overact at times.
But now he looks handsome, dances well and acts very well.
‘Manmadhan’ is worth a watch, an engaging suspense thriller, a fare different from the routine romance-action flicks dished out to the audience.
Great Job Simbu!!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Coffee Mug........!

I seen this in one of my colleagues Coffee mug….

Dear God,
Do you have any problems?

Does God have any problems? Well figure it out. Have you ever seen the stars warm up a winter sky. He made all that. Have you ever wondered what it looks like a hundred miles under the ocean? He's been there all morning. With us, there's no way to do everything. With God, there's no problem.

It got me thinking. This is solely my opinion, God is all powerful. He is our problem solver and hence that is his only problem. Even that he handles excellently.
Nowadays we read a lot of articles reg: God men, priests, etc their mistakes, flaws etc. They are still humans, we go to church, temple or mosque to worship God and not men. To err is human, to forgive is divine as the saying goes I go to my place of worship to worship God and never bother about these trivial things.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Cool Option in MS Word- Staple and Print

With my latest assignment being a tech writer, its MS office all the time. Yesterday I had nearly 50 documents (5 copies of each) to be printed out for training. As I was stapling the copies, my friend suggested, just put the staple option and the document would come out stapled from the printer. How cool was that! I turned on the option and Lo!!. All the documents were neatly stapled and printout. I just had the work of sorting the copies.

Steps to do it.
1. Go to File >Print
2. Select Properties Button
3. In the Finishing block, select where you want the document to be stapled. It gives a small preview as well.

I'm sure most of you would know this. Just in case you don't know, wanted to share my joy.

Update on 06/14:
BTW: My husband tried it and he didn't have the option he said. I have the latest edition of word, MS Word 2003. Also may be the printer should have such options for it to be highlighted I guess.

My Book List

Thanks PVS for "Book tagging" me.

So here's my list

Total Number of Books I Own: Think around 30+ .
Last Book I bought: Baby's First Bible : Story book for my daughter
Last Book I was gifted: Baby Book: Dr. William Sears
Last Book I read: Baby Book: Dr. William Sears

Five Books That Mean a Lot to Me:
I like a lot of books and just general reading of good magazines. Love to read cookery books.

If Tomorrow Comes by Sydney Sheldon
Kane & Abel by Jeffery Archer
The Prodigal Daughter by Jeffery Archer
Shall We Tell the President by Jeffery Archer
Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less by Jeffery Archer
Love Story by Eric Segal

Tag five people and have them do this on their blogs:

Friday, June 10, 2005

Mika's cilantro chutney and my Guacamole disaster.

I got this excellent recipe from
the GreenJackfruit blog
So last evening got all the ingredients and tried it out, it was great. The only this i did extra was roast all the ingredients, since my husband does not like it with the fresh taste. He relished it and ate it with almost everything he had last evening. This morning he wanted it for his lunch sandwich too..Thanks to Mika for this excellent recipe. Keep it coming..

On a similar note, i got some Avocados to make some Guacamole. Started with it, found the fruit has not fully ripened, but yet i thought, "Oh my Ultimate Chopper would do the work" Since i got it from HSN, they ground granite and showed, so so very impressed and got the Ultimate chopper. Started to grind the Avocado and Oh, it would not grind, tried it several times and finally ended up getting fire sparks from the Ultimate Chopper. So just stopped my work, since I would end up burning the Ultimate Chopper. Since already I have burnt 2 blenders. Didnot want to take the risk.So today I'm not sure what to do with the Avocado. My husband suggested steam it and try. Let me try it today...
Does anyone have any other suggestion.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Ikky, yuk!!

Do you feel ikky when you hear or see something, like a screech noise, or some funky bug in the path way. I feel it often. But my daughter just 17th months old, feels it too. She just can’t stand the sight of a rusty bar in her park play area or see anything rusty. Immediately she will keep saying ‘aaaa ooooo ‘and keep pointing to it. Even while playing she find some dust or paper sticking to her hands, she run to me immediately to have her hands washed and say ‘kaya kaya’ means see my hand and wash it. She loves chocolates and after messing her hands with it, she would want to wash her hands immediately and then will ask for a towel to wipe her hands clean.
I’m surprised at her behavior, at such young age, usually I have heard babies to be messy. May be she inherited it from my family where my grand ma, periamma were too finiky to wash hands. Even I have some of those qualities I don’t deny…heheheh.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Mission to visit Missions

We are on a mission to visit the Missions around our place. California is famous for its missions. There are totally 21 missions. http://missions.bgmm.com/ we have visited 4 missions so far. Each has so much history and stories. The San diego mission was the first and the church built in 1769 still stands good and it is still in use. We had been to it this weekend, it was amazing to see such an old church still in use.

So far we have visited 4 missions
San Juan Capistrano
San Gabriel Arcángel
San Luis Rey de Francia
San Diego de Alcalá

The best was San Juan Capistrano, the gardens,church and pond with fancy fishes it was great.