Wednesday, May 25, 2005


For the past few weeks, I'm trying to master the art of making Gucalmole. Yesterday was the day it came out really well. I used dry red chillies, roasted the chillies and onions a little bit and ground everything. It tasted very nice.
Avocado is such a different fruit, its so creamy and buttery inside. The hard seed inside, is such a contrast to the fruit. I wonder why we don't get it in India.
Here is quick Gucalmole recipe
3- Avocado. Scoop out the fruit with a spoon.
2 medium size - Tomatoes Cut and seeded
1/4 cup - Onion
7- Dry Red Chillies
1/4 Cup - Cilantro
2 - garlic pods
salt to taste

Roast the chilli and onion together.
Grind all the ingredients in a mixer.

Monday, May 23, 2005


My 16th month old loves pets of all kinds. We had been out shopping, we stepped into the nearby Petco to just have a look around. She was amazed by all the pets and I was amazed by all the prices. They had quiet a few parrots on sale, and the basic parrot, which we see often in India cost 479$. My FIL who was visiting us from India was shocked, since he has about 30 love birds, a pair of parrots at home. The loves birds each cost $20. They has quiet a few reptiles as well, the basic "balli" cost $10. The cheapest was the mouse $2.
So my FIL was saying, the next time i come here I should pack all my birds too.
Having a pet here is a costly affair.

Friday, May 20, 2005

My luck??????

The other day i had been to Ralphs a grocery chain out in Southeren CA. I got a few things and got the bill for $26 even. So the lady at the counter told me, Ma'm its $26 even, its your lucky day, you should get a Lotto. I never indulge in getting a Lotto or Scratch,but my husband loves those. So I thought may be i should get one. I got a Lotto and a scratch ticket. I thought the scratch ticket was $1 but actually it was $3, was cursing myself, oh my if i lose i will lose $3 instead of $1. Anyway, my husband was thrilled, everyone in the household, won at least a $1, but me "NOTHING". So that was my luck????????

Monday, May 02, 2005

Free Train Ride: Metrolink

Saturday the Metrolink trains in the southeren CA area were celebrating their 11th anniversary, so they had announced free train rides between Fullerton and San Juan Capistrano. The train frequncy was every 40 min but after 10.30 a.m the next train was around 1.10p.m. We are planned to take the train ride, when we reached fullerton, the crowd was so much that they had to deboard passengers. But the most disappointing part is they didnot allow any standing passengers, anyone who stood was deboard, since they said it was not safe. They had to do this in every other station, the crowd which turned up in each station were disappointed and most of them were kids who came to enjoy the day out.I have never seen such fussiness over safety, I have used the BART in san francisco and Subway in Newyork city, but all those trains are packed during the peak hours and people are standing all the time. I was imagining, what would happen in Chennai, where most of the people only travel in the footboard???